Shanghai Genstech Technology Co.,Ltd  was establishedin 2009, located in Shanghai International Medical Park, we are a leading company in secondhand analytical instruments in China. Genstech supplies high qualitysecondhand analytical instruments and provide the application of differentfield, such like Biopharmaceutical, DAN and RAN and etc. we focus on not onlyselling the best second hand instruments but also providing the whole solutionto solve your problem.
Main products: HPLC, LCMS, GC, GCMS
Brands include: Waters, Agilent, Thermo, AB SCIEX, etc

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  • Hello! 2021

    2020 will pass away soon, in this year, we all suffered for everything changed in our lifes, one virus disturbed the whole world, but we fight together!We believe in 2021, we will back to our normal life!

  • 2020 CPHI Exhibition

    2020.12.16-18 in SINEC , Genstech paticipted the exhibition.

  • Genstech will paticipate 2020CPHI in Shanghai

    2020.12.16-12.18 CPHI Location: Shanghai SNIEC BoothNumber: W5A39